Monthly Archives: January 2015

My Gruntfile.js Content Using Compass and Watch

Now, say you don’t know how to create Gruntfile.js manually just like I was. You’re desperately want to use Compass (grunt-contrib-compass) and Watch (grunt-contrib-watch) to develop your project. First, you have to install it in your project folder as node_modules: $ npm install grunt-contrib-compass grunt-contrib-watch That will install the Compass and Watch into node_modules directory […]

How To See Available Node.js Global Package Using NPM

Some of you might be very disturbed by a question of how to know Node.js packages which globally installed in your Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Such a terrible nightmare. But, the nightmare should be vanished using this simple one liner: $ npm ls -g –depth=0 That line would be similar to: $ ls /usr/lib/node_modules

NPM Global As Reference of NPM Local

How to refer NPM Local to NPM Global? If you don’t want to install the packages locally because it’s wasting hardisk space you can use the packages which have globally installed. For example, you install the sass package globally: $ sudo npm install -g grunt-contrib-sass You don’t want to do the same for your project, […]