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How to ZIP Recursively in Ubuntu

It is easy to ZIP multiple files and folders. You should go with this command in your Terminal. zip -9 -r <> <yourfolder> for example: zip -9 -r mysqlfolder -9 stands for quality. Lower you set the parameter faster it will zips, but the zip file size will be larger. You can set it […]

Blogvertise: Blog URL Doesn’t Exist

Are you experiencing “Blog URL doesn’t exist” when you try to submit your blogpost or job you’ve done in I was told by one of support staffs that it may be a connection problem. No, it wasn’t. I found that it wasn’t. So, what I did was changing the hosting because the main problem […]

Can’t Connect to TOR is your solution

Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to What a suck day when we see that appears on our Google Chrome. Oops! Firefox could not connect to It is sucks too when we see that appears on our Firefox. AND HOW TO GET RID OF THAT?

How to Add Thumbnail / Featured Image in a Post – WordPress

To add a thumbnail or Featured Image in a post is pretty easy. You can open your Appearance > Editor > single.php from your WordPress Administrator Page. Add this line <?php the_post_thumbnail(‘thumbnail’);?> If you want to customize the size you can add line like this to add width: 270px and height: 270px <?php the_post_thumbnail(array(270,270));?> Easy […]

Google AdSense: Small CTR = Losing Earning

In Google AdSense discussion sphere, do you believe that if your CTR is low then your earning is high? That’s not totally true. I have got an impression, a click, and a dollar. It means the CTR is 100%, and I got a dollar. Meanwhile, I got an impression, a click, and a cent. It […]

How to Earn with Google AdSense less than a WEEK?

Many people say that you must develop website for a certain time to get many visitors. Yes, it is true. But, when people say, earning bucks with Google AdSense is taking much time. No, it is not always. What do you need are: The precise keyword domain name with many visitors Setup a good CMS […]

Is Translating Can Get You Banned from Google?

There is a question from someone: “If I translating a content to other languages using Google Translator and put it in my blog, can I get banned by Google?” The answer can be YES and can be NO. YES, if you directly translating content and then put it to your blog without any modification at […]