Monthly Archives: December 2010

How to Convert Currencies in Google?

You can use the currencies converter provided by Google.¬†For the quick dirty trick you can using syntax in Google search box. The syntax to convert US dollars to GBP, for example:¬†$45 us dollars to GBP. If you want to convert another currency you have to know country currency code, such as if I want to […]

DAP in Ubuntu? Forget it! Use MultiGet!

Still begging for “Where can I get DAP for Ubuntu? Please give me information” It sucks dude, Ubuntu provides a good and free one for you. It is MultiGet! Nice isn’t it?

How to Download Tube8 Videos in Ubuntu 10.10 Using Axel

You can’t just using Axel to download Tube8 videos. First, you must get the cached video link on the server, in this case Tube8’s CDN Server. How to obtain that? You can use Google Chrome Download Video Web extension or Quick Play extention to obtain the cached video link.¬†Unfortunately, since I checked it on 19th […]