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Enabling WordPress Localhost Permalink to Prevent 404 Not Found

If you have trouble to make permalink works on your localhost’s WordPress you can use these steps to make it works. But, you have to make sure that you are using Windows and Apache2.2 as your local server. The Indication When you point your browser to the address of your page or post that has […]

Adding Google Analytics Tracking Script in WordPress Admin

How to add Google Analytics tracker in WordPress admin? It’s easy. You just need to add a few lines in your theme functions.php. This is the WordPress admin_head hook. This is the add_google_analytics function. Change UA-XXXXXXXX-XX from your Google Analytics tracking script.Oh, what is it if(!current_user_can(‘level_10’)): ? It’s a bonus for you because I think […]

Creating TinyMCE Custom Styles on WordPress

For those who want their WordPress TinyMCE customized, this tutorial will be an easy guide to achieve custom styles on WordPress 3. TinyMCE custom styles example Script below is an example to add Inline Pre (span tag element and its class is inline-pre) and Inline Highlight (span tag element and its class is inline-highlight). Where […]

Moving Subdomain to New Domain Name in WordPress

If you hosted another blog on your subdomain you may want to move it to new domain. In WordPress it is easy to make it done. Use these steps to make your life easier. Let’s imagine that your new domain name is 1. Put robots.txt in your new domain for example public_html/ Fill the […]

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved WordPress Plugin is Not Working

I just had SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin for WordPress wasn’t working, but it has been solved by me. It has made me confused for sure before I find the solution. This is the case: Recently, I switched the theme to my own built theme. I found the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved didn’t work on the post. So, the […]

How to Change Permission of wp-config.php and Other Files/Directory Massively

Few days ago, I got troubled by some unethical hackers. They’re changing my directories and files permission to 777 which has ability to World-read-write-execute. That kind of permission is very dangerous. I don’t know how did they get into my cPanel File Manager. I thought it was WordPress, WordPress plugins, or WordPress theme failure, so […]

How to Create Translation for WordPress Theme

In this tutorial you’ll learn about creating translation for WordPress theme which divided into several sections: Identifying which theme has ability to be translated Enable Theme To Be Translated-able Create .po language file and .mo file using poEdit Put .mo and .po language files in the right place Tool used to edit and compile your […]

WordPress Smilies List

Are you having difficulty to add original WordPress smiley while creating a post in WordPress? Or you don’t know the code is, here is the solution and you should bookmark it. WordPress smilies

Restrict Visitor to Read Post in WordPress

To give password or to make a post become private it is very easy. You can do it while you’re editing or creating a post. On the left side you’ll see tab Publish like this.

My Way to Prepare WordPress Theme Development

I’ve developed many WordPress themes but not much. According to my experiences, I have several ways to set up the development. #1 Creating blank files needed, those are: header.php index.php single.php page.php archives.php footer.php functions.php style.php #2 Create folder for related files. For example: If you want to place images for your theme you should […]