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How to Search Free MP3 with Direct Link on Google

It is very easy to search any file including mp3 on Google. What you have to know is which free file hosting provider URLs. One of my favorite file hosting provider is MediaFire. So, here is the way to search your direct link to your free mp3 three and avoid spammy and annoying sites.

Installing WordPress Locally on MacOs 10.6.6 Gives Trouble?

You should know that localhost can be accessed trough localhost localhost:80 localhost:8080 Depending your default configuration on your Mac. In Mac you can access your localhost by http://localhost/username/. If you have trouble with http://localhost/username/folder/ shows 404. It is maybe about permalink and .htaccess on your webserver. In this case, WordPress […]

DAP in Ubuntu? Forget it! Use MultiGet!

Still begging for “Where can I get DAP for Ubuntu? Please give me information” It sucks dude, Ubuntu provides a good and free one for you. It is MultiGet! Nice isn’t it?

How to Download Tube8 Videos in Ubuntu 10.10 Using Axel

You can’t just using Axel to download Tube8 videos. First, you must get the cached video link on the server, in this case Tube8’s CDN Server. How to obtain that? You can use Google Chrome Download Video Web extension or Quick Play extention to obtain the cached video link.¬†Unfortunately, since I checked it on 19th […]