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How to Find Folders and Remove It Manually with SSH

My db-cache-reloaded had made my day very bad. My site considered as Malware site. So, I asked Hostgator support to scan all my directories upon my account. Then, Krasimir (Security Administrator) guy found the obsolete db-cache-reloaded made bad effect because it allows any hacker to exploit files. That’s horrible. I asked him about how to […]

Proxy: Another Ultimate Way to Access Inaccessible Website

Using proxy to access inaccessible is very easy. You can use many free IPs and ports that lies over the internet. I want to show you how to access websites that are banned by your suck internet provider. In this case, I am using Firefox 4 as my browser. Go to your Firefox 4 option. […]

Download Accelerator for Firefox 4

Internet Download Manager cracked version for Windows 7 or Vista is not good enough to beat one of the best Firefox 4 download manager add-on, and then what is the best download accelerator for Firefox 4? You can use DownThemAll! Is it free? YES it is! However, you can keep it free by donating some […]

Download Pictures Galleries That Have Redirection

You want to download all pictures from picture galleries on a website. But, the picture gallery containing image with indirect link, for example: http://www.hentairules.n*t/gal/re.php?redir=http://img199.imagevenue.c*m/img.php?image=43293_witchcraft_www.hentairules.n*t_009_123_555lo.jpg If you straight click that image or link you’ll be brought to first, see the picture and there you can right click Save Image As or something. It is okay […]

How to Import Google Chrome Bookmarks into Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks picture

This is a mess since Google Chrome doesn’t have any utility to manage its bookmarks to online Google Bookmarks. It is also an irony since both of them are Google’s. Here is the only way to have your Chrome bookmarks into Google Bookmark. Click Costumize and control Google Chrome icon and then click Bookmark Manager. If you […]

How to Connect SSH from Ubuntu’s Terminal

If you have a shared account in HostGator, it is possible for you to have a connection straight to your files and folders. By using SSH you can simply login from your Putty or Terminal without opening your maindomain:2082 and enter the username and password that wasting time.

How to Cheat Search Engine by Using Article

Article or content is search engine point of view. Majority of search engines are looking for content to determine whether a website useful or not. Brand new and unique content is the choice for search engine to index it because those search engine bots are really interested with something new. I am not saying that […]

My Own Nofollow Rules

Since Matt Cutts ‘never’ answers all the root questions as shown here, I have my own nofollow rules. Here are my rules: I will not use nofollow attribute if it is not spam sites I will use nofollow attribute to Wikipedia because Wikipedia can freely take our content and put our link in their page […]

Blogvertise: Blog URL Doesn’t Exist

Are you experiencing “Blog URL doesn’t exist” when you try to submit your blogpost or job you’ve done in I was told by one of support staffs that it may be a connection problem. No, it wasn’t. I found that it wasn’t. So, what I did was changing the hosting because the main problem […]