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How to Import Google Chrome Bookmarks into Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks picture

This is a mess since Google Chrome doesn’t have any utility to manage its bookmarks to online Google Bookmarks. It is also an irony since both of them are Google’s. Here is the only way to have your Chrome bookmarks into Google Bookmark. Click Costumize and control Google Chrome icon and then click Bookmark Manager. If you […]

How to Remove Google Chrome Cache in Ubuntu


I tried to clean my Google Chrome cache in my Ubuntu 10.10. First time I tried, I was so confused to find where is the cache folder is. Then, I found that the cache folder is hidden. To find it go to your home directory and then hold CTRL + H. It will show you […]

How to Update Ultimate Chrome Flag Data?


As stated on official Ultimate Chrome Flag Google Chrome Extension page, “This extension displays country or region name, Geo, Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and WOT info for the websites you’re visiting.” Yes, it worked at the first time. But, when I try to visit many websites and try to gather new updates about those websites […]

Does Changing Website Theme/Template Cause Banned from Google?

There is question that may be important for you to learn about Google. Does changing website theme or template cause banned or sandboxed from Google search index? I purely straight to the answer NO. I could say no because I know that the template you are going to use is.

My Own Nofollow Rules

Since Matt Cutts ‘never’ answers all the root questions as shown here, I have my own nofollow rules. Here are my rules: I will not use nofollow attribute if it is not spam sites I will use nofollow attribute to Wikipedia because Wikipedia can freely take our content and put our link in their page […]

Search Engine Quality Content is TOTALLY WRONG

Google can be said has been becoming the number one search engine on earth. Google determine a quality content by its algorithm. We can’t exactly know how Google algorithm works on quality content detection. As Matt Cutts said a long time ago, you have to create good content for your readers. To make it great […]

How to Search Free MP3 with Direct Link on Google

It is very easy to search any file including mp3 on Google. What you have to know is which free file hosting provider URLs. One of my favorite file hosting provider is MediaFire. So, here is the way to search your direct link to your free mp3 three and avoid spammy and annoying sites.

Can’t Connect to TOR is your solution

Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to What a suck day when we see that appears on our Google Chrome. Oops! Firefox could not connect to It is sucks too when we see that appears on our Firefox. AND HOW TO GET RID OF THAT?

Google AdSense: Small CTR = Losing Earning

In Google AdSense discussion sphere, do you believe that if your CTR is low then your earning is high? That’s not totally true. I have got an impression, a click, and a dollar. It means the CTR is 100%, and I got a dollar. Meanwhile, I got an impression, a click, and a cent. It […]